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Whether starting a graduate program or writing a dissertation/thesis, you can gain the skills necessary to finish graduate school and publish in scholarly arenas.

Writing is a skill that anyone can master with the proper guidance and information. Since academic writing is a distinct genre that requires you to evolve as a writer, reader and thinker, you need the expertise of those trained in academic skill development to assist you. Your faculty members are responsible for providing the knowledge you need to learn scholarship and methodology within your discipline. At the CTW Center for Academic Writing Development, we are committed to equipping you with the skills, resources and information you need to grow and increase your confidence as an academic writer.

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Topics include...

  • Meeting Faculty Writing Expectations
  • Mastering Writing at the Micro Level
  • The Art of Revision
  • Narrowing Ideas to Research Worthy Topics
  • Connecting the Dots Academically: Using Coherence Devices
  • Necessary Components of a Proposal
  • Writing Productively: A Project Management Approach to Finish Your Dissertation/Thesis
  • Eliminating Wordiness from Your Writing
  • Developing Ideas in Your Research
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